Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Lime Crime cosmetics – the fantastic vegan, cruelty-free cosmetic company that has a huge array of different hues, shades and colors to choose from to make your ensemble complete. But what about the face behind Lime Crime and the history? The founder, the visionary, Doe Deere and how did she form her creation?


Doe Deere first followed her life long dream and studied fashion as she saw the industry as a way to let her creativity flourish. Deere liked dabbing in the world of different, or, as some may even say, she had her very own eccentric type of style. Yet when it came time to add makeup to her designs finding the bold colors that she was looking for to compliment the uniqueness and make it complete, Deere realized that everything she looked at was not what she needed. The colors weren’t bright enough, they weren’t bold, they were too bland or the shades just simply did not make the statement that Deere was trying to say. And on the rare occasion that Deere did find something that she liked, it was made by a company that did not practice something that was very important to her: they were not vegan, nor were they cruelty-free.


Deere realized that there was a need that needed to be fulfilled in offering these types of cosmetics to the people, and once they had that available, they would be hooked. With this vision she knew that she had come upon a golden opportunity to provide for the masses and complete a demand for a cosmetic company like no other, focusing on bold, daring and dramatic while vegan and cruelty free. With the dream in her mind and the goal set before her the idea for Lime Crime cosmetics was born.


Lime Crime Cosmetics officially launched in October 2008, two weeks before Halloween with a small selection initially to choose from. In the almost 10 years since it’s introduction, Lime Crime just keeps getting bigger and flashier with the makeup and color selections, each new introduction even better than the last.


From a variety of different palettes for the face and cheeks, to bright and daring semi-permanent Unicorn hair colors like pink, purple, red and green, or lip tints, plushies and diamond crushers, Lime Crime cosmetics has all your bases covered when you are looking to complete that perfect one-of-a-kind look.


What started out as a vision turned to a passion, Doe Deere has created a line of cosmetics for those that want to stand apart from the crowd, make a statement and be classy while doing so!


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Cassio Audi Made His Band Better Than Before

When Cassio Audi joined Viper, he knew what he wanted to do. He knew the band would grow and people would see them for what they were. He also knew it would be important for them to branch out to different areas so they could make sure they were heard the right way. Cassio Audi knew what it took and wasn’t afraid to work to help people get all the options they needed. He also wasn’t afraid to show his bandmates the differences in being successful and seeing a little bit of success when they first started.As the band grew, Cassio Audi saw they were getting successful. He wanted the band to get even more successful. He felt they had a chance to be the best in Brazil. He also felt there were ways they could make a difference for people to enjoy their music. He felt good about the way to make music and felt there were times when he could make a huge difference for other people.

Cassio Audi wanted Viper to be extremely successful. He hoped everyone would enjoy the positive parts of the band that he also enjoyed helping people with because of how hard he worked to give them what they were looking for.Throughout the time that Cassio Audi was touring, people saw how they could make a difference. Cassio Audi led the band to success in the future and that’s part of what made him good at what he does. It’s also what allows him the chance to show others there are things they can do on their own. He knew he was good at being in the band and knew he could make things easier for himself and his bandmates.

While they all worked hard to give people a chance at seeing how good they were live, Cassio Audi did most of the work. No matter what happens with Viper or whether they get back together or not, Cassio Audi knows he did everything right. He spent a lot of time trying to help people understand the opportunities they had to make the band successful. He spent a lot of time showing people how the band was successful and plans to do it if he needs to in the future. There were times that he spent working to help others and times that allowed him the chance to make his business better for successful opportunities.

Making Change: End Citizens United

Actively involved in political elections, End Citizens United, focuses on electing campaign officials to overturn Citizens United. This committee was created to fight the U.S. Supreme Court decision to allow billionaires with special interested to donate disclosed amounts of money to campaigns without explanations or transparency. The group is investing heavily in television amd digital video advertising to inform the public of the actions of Republication Rick Saccone. The goal of the advertisement is to express to the public of Saccone’s misdeeds while being state representative.

To understand what the End Citizens United committee does, one must first understand that an immense amount of dark money is used to support campaigns and elections. Billionaire dump millions of dark money into political campaigns, aiming to buy their influence in political elections. The committee is forcefully trying to abolish this. Representative Jacky Rosen, announced that she was against this such of funding for political campaigns. However, a wealthy donor donated millions of dark money to her campaign, going against her rhetoric for the use of dark money being involved in politics. This is the type of activity the political committee is working to end.

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To fight these types of involvement in campaigns, the political committee made a major move earlier this year. Spending a quarter of a million dollars on advertising, the committee is showing their support for Conor Lamb. His opponent is being accused of spending his campaign funds fraudulently. Mr. Lamb has pledged to not accept money from any political action committees, making him a preferred candidate for the End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is on the forefront of exposing and being involved in political finance matters. They work tirelessly fighting against the enormous amounts of donors involved in elections with unexplainable amounts of money. With their continuous efforts, it is assured that politics will become a place with valid and legit forms of funding.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi details Bradesco’s power restructure

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the current President of Bradesco revealed details on the current reorganization of the Executive Board in the coming months. With the announcement of the resignation of Lazaro Brandao as Chairman of the Board.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will become the new Chairman, and the process of selecting the next president was underway. Bradesco recently acquired HSBC in 2015, so Lazaro Brandao extended the age limit from 65 years to 67 years, in order to allow more time to continue the absorption of HSBC under the current leadership.

Octavio de Lazari Junior, was choose of the seven vice presidents on the board revealed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Octavio de Lazari Junior has been with Bradesco since 1978. An alumnus of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Osasco, where he received his Graduates degree, Octavio de Lazari Junior also has a specialization in Financial Strategies and Marketing from Fundacao Instituto de Administracao. Octavio de Lazari Junior was an Agency Manager and the Director of the Credit. During Octavio de Lazari Junior’s time as director he refocused on small and medium sized companies. In 2012 Octavio de Lazari Junior was appointed to the Board of Directors Officers, and in 2017 he would be named Executive Officer Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Seguros Group.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was named Entrepreneur of the year in 2015 for the $5.2 billion deal to acquire HSBC, a deal that Lazaro Brandao approved. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also named Carlos Alberto Rodrigues as the new vice president now that Octavio de Lazari Junior has been named as the new President. During the Ordinary General Meeting (AGO) scheduled for March 12th 2018 the new president and vice president will officially take office. Until the March meeting Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be both President and Chairman of the Board.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi discussed his full confidence in the decision of electing Octavio de Lazari Junior as the new president, but go on to reveal some challenges ahead for him. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi getting more of the customer base to utilize digital banking is a challenge. Currently 14 million of the 27 billion customers are using digital tool for banking. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi shared his optimisms in the recent news of Brazils GDP growth last year, and views this as good news for the future of credit in the market. Lazaro Brandao however noted there is a need for labor reform to truly improve the current economic issues Brazil has been facing over the past. Mr. Brandao also noted the lack political unity as a detriment to the economic climate in Brazil.

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The Consumer Caring Company

According to the article, US money reserve and Austin Disaster Relief Network entered to a partnership in order to help the victims of hurricane Harvey. This hurricane happened at the coastline of Texas affecting so many people because it was slow moving. Some parts of Texas were said to have submerged in the event of the heavy rains, therefore, people were forced to move from their homes in search of better shelters. They collected over two hundred and nineteen thousand dollars for the donations. The Chief Executive Officer of US Reserve was delighted to help in the reconstruction of the affected regions while, the Executive Director of Austin Disaster Relief Network, was delighted to receive the huge donations.

The base of US Money Reserve is in Austin, Texas. It specializes in distribution of precious metals that fetch high market prices such as US government-issued gold, platinum and silver. They have a high customer-seller relationship because they provide superior products in the market. Moreover, they have employed people with expertise in sales and marketing of metals and also researchers of coin.

On the other hand, Austin Disaster Relief Network, is a non-profit organization that comprises of churches, well wishers and trained volunteers who are willing to help manage disasters. They do so by helping victims to rebuild their homes, providing money to the victims and providing guidance and counseling services to help them recover from their losses of property or loved ones.

US Money Reserve is the only distributor of government issued gold coins. They are specialized in the best collections of highest graded gold and bullion coins because, they have been in business for over a decade, therefore, they know their customer needs. In addition, the public have awarded them a triple A rating which means that, they have earned full trust from their customers due to resources and experience they own. Moreover, they have professional employees who help buyers understand all important information on the coins.

In conclusion, they have a guarantee which allows their customers to return unsatisfying coins, within thirty days of purchase with a full refund of the product. Additionally, the they have a fast and secure means of shipping a customer’s order. They ensure that the product is tracked until one receives them and on receiving one has to sign to acknowledge receivable. Moreover, one is assured of quality due to their transparency.

Securus Technologies Implements Wireless Containment Systems To Tackle Problems Of Cell Phones In Prisons

Securus Technologies is a company that has time and again demonstrated that they can stay ahead of the competition and come out with technology that can contribute more to public safekeeping. One of the more recent implementations that the company has undertaken was the wireless containment systems, to reduce the number of unauthorized cell phones that were present in the prisons.

In the past, Securus Technologies had implemented a system that would monitor all of the calls that were being made in the prisons. This, however, was not well received by inmates who were inside the prisons and who wanted to participate in illegal activities. The monitoring systems were installed in the first place to curtail the illegal activities that people were undertaking and proved to be a good step towards aiding prisons and correctional officers all over the country. However, this led to the increased number of cellphones on the premises.

Correctional officers would conduct searches on the inmates, but often, these wouldn’t yield results, and the cellphones were sometimes never found. Securus Technologies realized that something needed to be done to take care of the problem in a smarter way, which is why they decided to implement wireless containment systems.

The containment systems work to block any kind of service from reaching the cell phone in the prisons, thereby rendering them useless. Inmates who are sneaking these cell phones in the prisons will not be able to make any kind of calls, send text messages and use internet services and related apps. In short, they have blocked out form any kind of connection that would let them get in touch with their allies on the outside.

Securus Technologies was prompted to install this kind of technologies after several reports of correctional officers being abused by people who are contacted by inmates who were inside the prisons that they worked at. Since the communication is always monitored, the only way these inmates would viably be able to communicate is through lines that are private, and through cell phones that are not authorized in the prisons. These cell phones, however common, are a great danger to the people inside the prisons, and outside as well. They break the rules that are laid down by the government and the prisons and can lead to chaos and disrupt the flow of justice.

For Securus Technologies, it was something that they needed to nip in the bud. The company knew that they needed to take an alternate approach when it came to this matter, which is why the wireless containment systems were the best possible route for them to take. Through this, Securus Technologies has once again been able to safeguard the people of the country and ensure that the justice system works smoothly and without any interruptions.

Clayton Hutson and his Unusual Sound Engineering and Event Management Journey

Clayton Hutson is a well-known name in the sound engineering and event management industry for long. He has associated with religious programs, collaborated with performers, conducted some memorable events, and more. Hutson is also an entrepreneur in the music industry and known for his aesthetic perfection in the areas he contributes. After graduation, he worked with a number of companies as a live sound engineer, and since then, he started digging deep into the industry. It finally made him be an entrepreneur by establishing his own live sound and entertainment production firm.



Hutson is a die-hard fan of rock’n’roll and collaborated with the music industry in designing, managing, overseeing, and producing numerous live tours. Interestingly, he partnered with some of the bigwigs of the music industry, including Guns’n’Roses, Garbage, Pink and Kid Rock, and more. When discussing the inspiration that prompted him to start his own venture in the music industry, Hutson says that his great experience in live entertainment, tour production, and working in the industry on his own path gave him the confidence to start his own venture. He proudly says that he was trying to perfect his skills throughout his career, and that opened him new doors.



Interestingly, the company, which he worked, got hit by the recession, and that made him float his own venture, at the end. Hutson adds that in the recent years, he started focusing more on stage management. Apart from running his own venture, Hutson also works for Kid Rock. He keeps brutally honest to himself as well as others, and that helped him to be highly approachable, straightforward, and a trusted partner for long-term business. Hutson says that hard work is the one quality that made him as well as his venture highly successful. He feels that reputation and word of mouth are playing crucial roles in advancing the business in the industry.



Interestingly, the venture of Hutson offers a number of services including production management, stage management, logistics management, rigging, show producing, monitor engineering, production design, and more. He got chances for the first-hand use of numerous sound engineering consoles from different makers and various stage management systems. Interestingly, people across the music industry listens to the words of Hutson when it comes to any of the new consoles or systems that are introduced in the market. Hutson confirms that he is a great fan of DiGiCo consoles, and he is highly impressed by the SD11 console of the maker as it is the smallest and cheapest with numerous added features. Learn more:


Devos Becoming More Headstrong Over Time

The new Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, recently met with LGBT representatives of employees of the DOE. This wasn’t a routine meeting. It was a warning. She met with them to inform them that, in just a few hours, President Trump would be signing a measure that effectively ends the Obama-era policy that allows transgender students to use the bathroom that they identify with. Some see this meeting as an effort by Devos to help smoothe over the action as out of character for Devos. Those who have known her longest say this is to be expected and there is only more of this to come.


Those closest to Devos say that opposed the measure within the cabinet. While this may have been her position privately, it doesn’t seem to be her public position. She even called the original policy an “overreach” during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. So, which Devos are we going to get as her tenure goes on? Of course, Trump and his advisors would like her to continue to fall in line with their actions.


If you are from the State of Michigan, you have probably heard of Betsy Devos before, especially if you paid any attention at all to the fight for charter schools in the state. Devos was a staunch advocate for both charter schools and a voucher program in the state. This is part of the reason that she was chosen by Trump to be the Secretary of the Department of Education. Some conservatives would like to see the DOE gone completely, but it is safe to say that they are going to try to diminish its power as much as possible.


Contrary to her persona so far within the Trump administration, Devos is known for being headstrong and tireless when fighting for what she wants in her home base of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The extreme wealth of her and her husband’s family only aided in her efforts, striking fear in the hears of those who oppose her. Some feel it is only a matter of time before this is the case in Washington D.C. Of course, most of the time her beliefs will compliment what the cabinet is trying to do.


Betsy Devos was born into the Prince family, an extremely wealthy and religious family from Holland, Michigan. They gained their wealth through owning and operating the Prince Corporation, a giant automobile parts distributor based in Grand Rapids. They are members of the Christian Reform Church, a rigid and strict sect of Christianity that, like the Prince family, has Dutch roots.


Only adding to her already affluent lifestyle was her marriage to Dick Devos. The Devos family is also one of the richest in Michigan, gaining most of their wealth through owning the mail order retail company, Amway. Devos is active in policy and politics as well. His most notable action in that arena so far was an unsuccessful 2006 run for governor.


So far, Devos has been fairly meek. Look out for this to change over time, though. People can only hide their true personality for so long when it comes to fighting for what they believe in.


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Bob Reina Announces Talk Fusion University Program For Associates

Bob Reina is the CEO for Talk Fusion, which has been the center of attention on many media outlets for technology as of late. This is because of Bob Reina’s rollout of Talk Fusion University, which is dedicated to helping associates learn the inner workings of the Talk Fusion business model and unlock their own potential for success. This learning tool is conveniently going to be available for free to all associates of Talk Fusion. It is Bob’s hope that the videos that have been put together will help associates expose new customers to the company’s products and a higher level of teamwork will be reached between all Talk Fusion associates.


Talk Fusion provides their clients with newsletter products and different email based on using video. The company also has an app for mobile devices that offers video chatting and live meetings. This unique niche has a wide market, as people from many different industries and walks of life are interested in using these services. Talk Fusion’s special technology allows their clients to turn their videos recorded in real-time into compacted email files that are easy to distribute. Associates for Talk Fusion are able to sell these products to others to make money as well as earning commissions from recruiting new associates when they sell products to new customers. It is often Talk Fusion’s unique and profitable reward system that gets people interested in this kind of profession.


Talk Fusion is by no means an old company, but they have been around for a while with more than a decade in the industry, starting up back in 2007. The idea for the company had been building for many years before Bob Reina actually started up the company, as he was currently on the police force. His interest in marketing finally pushed him enough to leave the force and use his sales experience to start up a successful company. Starting with his idea for video emails in 2004, he took his idea further with newly developed apps that provide a fuller service for a larger market. Bob also takes initiatives through Talk Fusion to help non-profit organizations gain more awareness without the need for greater resources and PR teams. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital is the Winner of the M&A Advisor Award

The M&A Adviser awards announced winners on November 13th. The 2017 awards were a great success with notable industry professionals from around the world in attendance. The Metropolitan Club in New York, NY hosted the event and provided some of the best accommodations for the gala. Madison Street Capital was declared the winner in the debt financing category based on their transaction with WLR Automotive.


This organization has been a notable force in the industry since 2002. They have facilitated growth in multiple areas of the economy and promoted companies and deal makers from around the country. Over six hundred and fifty companies had been vying for the accolade that was bestowed on Madison Street Capital. It was a great pleasure for them to establish this accolade due to the profound nature of M&A firms and professionals alike. David Fergusson is the President of M&A Advisor and explains the importance of this prestigious award as well as the great way that Madison Street Capital has been able to serve the public over the years. The honors that they have achieved are unique and impressed the judges, outperforming the competition.


The CEO of Madison Street Capital was pleased with the results of the Gala aws well. Carles Botchway explained that his organization’s commitment in debt financing is paramount as the organization continues to create forward thinking and positive solutions within the economy. WLR Automotive has benefitted from the unique opportunities presented by Madison Street Capital as had Barry Petersen, the Senior Managing Director.


Several other aspects of recognition took place this year for Madison Street Capital. They were selected to be finalists in multiple categories such as Boutique Investment Banking Firm and Best Financial Deals under two hundred and fifty million dollars.


Overall, the Gala was a huge success with more than five hundred notable industry leaders and executives in attendance. There were thirty five leaders, sparking debate and conversation in forum settings as well. Overall, Madison Street Capital reputation has been bolstered by this event.


Madison Street Capital is a multi national banking firm that has provided investments and capital to companies around the world. Their long standing reputation for excellence benefits corporations and has provided expert support and advise for mergers, acquisitions, and other financial transformations. They have been able to help both private and publicly traded organizations and are an industry leader in their techniques for capital and financial advising.


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