Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to Facilitate Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to Facilitate Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

Dallas neighborhood homes, which is one of the nonprofit mortgage providers, has joined forces with the nexbank to offer affordable housing loans to families living in southern Dallas. The primary goals of this move it to provide approximately 100 loans annually to the low-income earners in specific zip codes for the next five years. Nexbank is one of the regional banks located in Dallas will be offering up to $50 million as loans to help develop this program for the next five years. The Dallas neighborhood home is set to establish the leading procedure to lend to the low-come families who are intending to buy homes. In addition to the provision of the lending mortgage, nexbank will also pay the title fee for the completed closings and up to $2000 in the closing cost for every loan through its affiliates.

About Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity

This is one of the largest nonprofit organizations, which venture in home building in Dallas. For the last 30 years, Dallas habitat for humanity has been able to set up more than 1600 houses in more than 25 neighborhoods within the Dallas community. This entity has transformed the lives of various families, and it is working on multiple strategies to link up the private and the public funding, visions, and community leadership to help transform the community and break the poverty cycle.

About the Nexbank

Nexbank is a regional financial entity that has assets that add up to more than $3.5 billion as well as the charter that dates back to 1922. This bank caters for mortgage banking, institutional banking, and commercial banking to address the need of their clients. Some of these clients entail the institutional clients, corporation national wide and financial institutions. Nexbank is an affiliate of the nexbank capital Inc., which is one of the most poised financial companies. Through the partnership with other financial affiliates in the same sector and external entities, nexbank has remained in the forefront of their operations to assure that they transform the lives of their client the best way possible. Although they have had good days in the past, they promise to be more composed in the future.

Alex Pall Not Just a DJ

One of the most popular names in music right now is The Chainsmokers. Breaking boundaries in their music by having the DJ duo singing on their own album is a rare and unique thing in their craft. Most DJ’s just create the beat and then someone else writes the lyrics to the songs with no collaboration.

However, Alex Pall, one half of the duo is hard set on making an impact with his music and not just a heavy beat to dance to. He wants to make music that means something to people when they listen to it and can apply to a wide variety of people, not just the party goers. Pall grew up doing DJ gigs around New York City until he met his second half, Andrew Taggart, to form: The Chainsmokers. With high ambition and the drive to get things done this duo has taken over the charts with three singles and are working on an album. Fans are a big priority to Pall whether it be through making music that speaks to them or ensuring they attend a great concert experience every time. He doesn’t like to disappoint in any aspect of his work. The DJ duo’s lives have changed since starting The Chainsmokers and so have the lives of people across the globe listening to them. People from the Philippines, South Africa, and the United States are just a few of the groups that are starting to really discover the music that Pall has been helping to create and put out. Pall stated in an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig, “So for us it’s all about being on the forefront of pushing new boundaries and giving people new experiences.” Pall has no plans of stopping anytime soon with his music. He instead plans on pushing The Chainsmokers to new heights. Bringing more people into his world of music and helping them to feel a certain way with his beats and words.

The Chainsmokers Smokin’

Get ready to get down with The Chainsmokers. The talented duo have been working and producing music together since they were first introduced in 2012. They eventually made a leap to stardom and over the last few years, continue to excell. Alex Pall and Andrew (Drew) Taggart are the pair of American DJs that make up The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers are a production of electronic dance music that has some influences from pop and hip hop as well as electropop.

The two gained popularity when they first released their single ‘#Selfie’ in 2014, and they haven’t stopped since. This year The Chainsmokers have been given the number one spot on the new Billboard Dance Hot 100 chart for their earliest single. That’s only one of the many awards and recognitions that the pair have won to date. In the last four years, The Chainsmokers have managed consistently to stay on top of the charts with their music.

The chart topping Chainsmokers have been keeping themselves busy in 2018 with new productions, not to mention award ceremonies to attend among other things. They have steadily released a new single every month so far this year. That puts them up to five singles since their debut album, ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ was released which have contributed to much of their success this year. Both of them are obviously grateful for the huge progress they have made together, and they recognize those who have helped and worked with them for all they have achieved.

The Chainsmokers have also been keeping their fanbase informed on the work that goes into producing each song. They posted a video of the making of their latest single, entitled ‘Somebody’ that gives a peak inside their studio. They give a little insight on the development process of creating a song, and they promised to post more informative videos in the future!

Betsy DeVos and Presence of Mind

Betsy DeVos is an All-American woman who has changed the way countless people on this planet view themselves. That’s because she’s an individual who is constantly evaluating herself. She’s not the kind of person who quickly and easily feels satisfaction. Ms. DeVos is perpetually searching for enhancement opportunities in this world. She likes to enhance systems that make up the United States. She likes to enhance characteristics in herself and in other human beings, too. Since she’s the United States’ Education Secretary, she gets many invaluable opportunities to better herself. She gets just as many rare chances to do great things for the other people who are part of the United States. DeVos was the recipient of a rock-solid education in her youth. She did her studying at a credible college in Michigan. It was known as “Calvin College.” She ran with her educational openings while at the school, too. Fellow students couldn’t miss DeVos and all of her diverse activities. She was already a strong political voice on the school’s campus. Elisabeth Prince showed early promise in the political field. That’s why she grew to be Betsy DeVos, a fearless and valiant political spokesperson who doesn’t like to take no for an answer. She’s an activist and philanthropist who eagerly advocates the advantages of perseverance.


People who spot DeVos in magazines and on television may instantly link her to President Trump. Since she’s on his current administration, that makes complete sense. They should never think that she doesn’t have an independent mind, though. Her mind essentially is the dictionary definition of independent. No one impacts how she thinks other than herself. Although she shares many things with Dick, her husband, she’s distinctly her own person. No one can make her think or say anything that isn’t true. President Trump has had certain ideas that involve transgendered citizens in the United States and their schooling opportunities. People in the public shouldn’t think that DeVos’ concepts are similar to his. They often are totally different. That doesn’t change her working relationship with the leader, however. DeVos is a rational lady who knows that nothing matters more than cohesion. She likes to maintain an even and measured attitude regardless of her circumstances.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been encouraging Betsy for years. She was part of its launching in the eighties. She’s part of its latest achievements and activities as well. Betsy and Dick routinely manage all of their donations via this not-for-profit entity. These donations cover many different bases as well. They concentrate on donations that cover the arts. They zero in on donations that cover education, impoverished communities, cultural matters and beyond, too.


People in the United States think about educational choice nowadays. DeVos may be the reason for that. This public figure has been saying excellent things about the whole concept for a long stretch of time. Her husband has been in agreement with her regarding the subject for ages. Their opinions and thoughts are often harmonious.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

The Story of Jim Larkin, One of Irelands Hardest Workers

In the early 1900s workers rights were nearly non-existent. This caused conflict around the world as workers fought diligently for their rights. In Ireland, one man was largely responsible for the rise of workers rights. That man was Jim Larkin. Larkin was born on a cold night in 1876 in Liverpool, England, one of the largest labor towns in England. Larkin didn’t have an easy childhood. His childhood was filled with financial struggles. His families financial burdens were placed on young Larkin who had to work multiple jobs at a young age just to survive. Eventually, Larkin worked his way up to becoming foreman at the Liverpool Docks (a prestigious position for a young Irish man).During this time, Larkin’s views on labor were becoming hardened, and he was starting to read the works of Karl Marx.


Jim Larkin decided to join the National Union Dock Labourers (NUDL) and became a full-fledged union organizer in 1905. As his position on workers rights became more extreme, Larkin started to become more and more militant. His militancy eventually got him transported out of NUDL to Dublin, Ireland. In Dublin, he set out on his quest to organize workers. To do so, he formed the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. Along with his union, Larkin also formed the Irish Labour Party, uniting all skilled Irish laborers.


Conditions weren’t changing for workers despite his union work, and Larkin was becoming more and more impatient as time went on. Deciding that something big needed to be done if things were going to change, Jim Larkin made a huge move. Larkin organized the Dublin Lockout of 1913. This famous lockout saw over 100,00 Irish workers strike for an astounding 8 long months. This massive organized strike earned workers in Ireland much-needed workers rights and the right to fair employment.


Jim Larkin significant contributions to Irish workers rights earned him a rightful spot in the Irish history books. His hard work and dedication led to workers across Ireland earning employment rights and fair treatment. During times of struggle, people like Jim Larkin fight, tooth and nail, to make a change. Larkin made that change and Ireland is forever thankful for it.

Psi-Pay Is Bringing Alternative Payment Systems Into The Mainstream

Ever since PSI-Pay was founded back in 2016, the company has been working to provide helpful credit card and debit card related services. Now that PSI-Pay has risen through the ranks and become one of the top regulated FinTech companies in all of England, their alternative payment solutions are reaching critical mass.

There are a number of alternative payment solutions that are making their way into the mainstream and it is time to consider whether the world at large is fully ready to embrace this growing trend. PSI-Pay has formed a partnership with Kerv Wearables and global consumers will now have access to the very first MasterCard payment ring that is contact less.

PSI-Pay’s forward thinking policies are in perfect alignment with the world that we now we live in. Now that we are communicating in a variety of different ways, we need payment systems that are tailored to our new realities. Smartphones are a key aspect of our lives. Almost every citizen now has access to a smartphone and this plays a major role when it comes to the payment systems that they wish to use.

That is why PSI-Pay is aiming to meet these challenges and provide customers with the payment systems that they need most. These devices are the wave of the future and there a number of reasons why we should be getting on board now. First of all, the average consumer simply does not carry the same amount of cash as they once did.

This allows for cashless trends to continue to grow. Recent polls also show that we are heading for a future where the average person does not carry a wallet. No one wants to wait in a long checkout line, as evidenced by the rise of self checkout lines at many major retailers.

The act of physically swiping a card also leaves a customers vulnerable to identity theft. PSI-Pay is monitoring all of these developments and is making a strong bet that alternative payment systems will one day become the norm. Meeting the challenges of the next few years will be difficult but PSI-Pay is uniquely poised to conquer them.

Businessman Profile: William Saito

William Saito, the Japanese-American Entrepreneur.

William Saito possesses various personal and business skills which were acquired through his services in government and other organizations. While in government, he acquired the tactic of managing relations between government and other groups. He also acquired the skill of conducting research and bringing out what is new. William Saito is a good communicator; he has the skill of expressing opinions and thoughts through words or signs. William Saito believes that the relationship between advisor and advisee should be smooth. He learned this when he was a student.

When William Saito was working with the government of Japan, his role was to assist people in building meaningful business plans which reflected their life objectives. During this tenure, he acquired the skill of monitoring business progress. He focuses on the utilization of business plan to evaluate whether the business is moving on well.


William Saito is a Japanese-American businessman, born 47 years ago by Japanese immigrants in America, who is the first born in a family of 3. William Saito attended the University of California in Los Angeles and studied biomedical science program. He lives in Tokyo, Japan.

At the age of 10 years, Williams Saito took up commercial software programming. Ten years later, he incorporated his own company after which he sold the company to Microsoft. In the year 2005, he moved to Tokyo and founded Intecur Company.


From the year 2011, he was appointed the chief technology officer at Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission. Later, he was also appointed as a board member for the Global Shapers Foundation, Young global leader and also a member of Global Agenda Council. In 1998, William Saito won an award of the entrepreneur of the year. In addition to all these, William Saito advices governments, teaches at universities and currently he is among the top 100 most influential people of Japan.

William Saito is the vice chairman of Palo Alto Networks. Palo Alto Networks is a Japanese company which was founded in first January 2005. The company deals with cyber security and network security. William Saito has also been honored to speak at different international forums and conventions. In 20th January of 2016, William Saito was honored to speak at the world economic forum which was held in Switzerland, Europe. Additionally, he spoke at the at the Ignite 2016 edition which was held on April 3rd in Las Vegas, united States.


Bob Reina: He Has A Ton Of Pride

Bob Reina is someone that has a lot of pride, but he also knows how to not let his pride get in the way. He knows that has been the downfall of many other great men and women in charge. It is important to have pride in what someone is doing because if they don’t care about what they are doing and it does not matter to them; it is going to show in the results. It is going to be very disappointing. People are very aware of these types of things and they are ready to call someone out if they are only in it for the money.


Bob Reina has never been and never will be in it for the money. He is in it for the right reasons. He is in it because he wants to make a true difference in the world and help make it a much better place. He knows he has that kind of power and he wants to use it for positive reasons. For example, he is known for helping out the Tampa Bay Humane Society. That is a cause that is very important to Bob Reina. It is something that matters a great deal to him because he is an advocate for animals.


He knows they can’t help themselves in many cases, and they need help from others. Because of this, he wants to be the one that makes sure they have everything they need and more to be healthy and happy for as long as possible. At his home, he has countless animals. He knows this is a way he can make a difference for the animals and even their owners. He has gone out of his way to pay other people’s vet bills if they were unable to afford it. He has done this without asking for anything in return.


People have found out about it, but Bob Reina has not advertised it. It has happened naturally and it has happened because people like to spread good news around to the public to give them hope. Learn more:








Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Lime Crime cosmetics – the fantastic vegan, cruelty-free cosmetic company that has a huge array of different hues, shades and colors to choose from to make your ensemble complete. But what about the face behind Lime Crime and the history? The founder, the visionary, Doe Deere and how did she form her creation?


Doe Deere first followed her life long dream and studied fashion as she saw the industry as a way to let her creativity flourish. Deere liked dabbing in the world of different, or, as some may even say, she had her very own eccentric type of style. Yet when it came time to add makeup to her designs finding the bold colors that she was looking for to compliment the uniqueness and make it complete, Deere realized that everything she looked at was not what she needed. The colors weren’t bright enough, they weren’t bold, they were too bland or the shades just simply did not make the statement that Deere was trying to say. And on the rare occasion that Deere did find something that she liked, it was made by a company that did not practice something that was very important to her: they were not vegan, nor were they cruelty-free.


Deere realized that there was a need that needed to be fulfilled in offering these types of cosmetics to the people, and once they had that available, they would be hooked. With this vision she knew that she had come upon a golden opportunity to provide for the masses and complete a demand for a cosmetic company like no other, focusing on bold, daring and dramatic while vegan and cruelty free. With the dream in her mind and the goal set before her the idea for Lime Crime cosmetics was born.


Lime Crime Cosmetics officially launched in October 2008, two weeks before Halloween with a small selection initially to choose from. In the almost 10 years since it’s introduction, Lime Crime just keeps getting bigger and flashier with the makeup and color selections, each new introduction even better than the last.


From a variety of different palettes for the face and cheeks, to bright and daring semi-permanent Unicorn hair colors like pink, purple, red and green, or lip tints, plushies and diamond crushers, Lime Crime cosmetics has all your bases covered when you are looking to complete that perfect one-of-a-kind look.


What started out as a vision turned to a passion, Doe Deere has created a line of cosmetics for those that want to stand apart from the crowd, make a statement and be classy while doing so!


Visit to learn more.

Cassio Audi Made His Band Better Than Before

When Cassio Audi joined Viper, he knew what he wanted to do. He knew the band would grow and people would see them for what they were. He also knew it would be important for them to branch out to different areas so they could make sure they were heard the right way. Cassio Audi knew what it took and wasn’t afraid to work to help people get all the options they needed. He also wasn’t afraid to show his bandmates the differences in being successful and seeing a little bit of success when they first started.As the band grew, Cassio Audi saw they were getting successful. He wanted the band to get even more successful. He felt they had a chance to be the best in Brazil. He also felt there were ways they could make a difference for people to enjoy their music. He felt good about the way to make music and felt there were times when he could make a huge difference for other people.

Cassio Audi wanted Viper to be extremely successful. He hoped everyone would enjoy the positive parts of the band that he also enjoyed helping people with because of how hard he worked to give them what they were looking for.Throughout the time that Cassio Audi was touring, people saw how they could make a difference. Cassio Audi led the band to success in the future and that’s part of what made him good at what he does. It’s also what allows him the chance to show others there are things they can do on their own. He knew he was good at being in the band and knew he could make things easier for himself and his bandmates.

While they all worked hard to give people a chance at seeing how good they were live, Cassio Audi did most of the work. No matter what happens with Viper or whether they get back together or not, Cassio Audi knows he did everything right. He spent a lot of time trying to help people understand the opportunities they had to make the band successful. He spent a lot of time showing people how the band was successful and plans to do it if he needs to in the future. There were times that he spent working to help others and times that allowed him the chance to make his business better for successful opportunities.