The Remarkable School-Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education refers to the independently run school, that was founded by Danner. The school was established in 2006. Based in San Jose Calif, the public school operates with an objective of bridging the existing gap in academic performance between the privileged and poor kids.

The institution has quite a number of branches within San Jose but, it is also looking forward to expanding its operations within other cities. By 2012, the prep K-5 charter institution had established five schools within San Jose, each accommodating an average of 450 students. Free lunch is given to approximately 90% of the students. Moreover, 75% of the students use English as their preferred second language of communication within the school. After a lot of appraisals from all regions of the country, Danner has sought to expand the boundaries of the school. Rocketship Education has acquired permission from the relevant bodies, to go ahead and open 20 extra schools in San Jose, one in San Francisco, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and, Nashville. The non-profit organization utilizes 15% of the public funds it acquires for each student’s management fee, in maintaining its buildings, accounting, developing its curriculum and, in professional development.

The program motto of Rocketship Education believes that each child has a right to access excellent education, attend a four-year college and, commence the college journey in kindergarten. The school approves all students, with 6% known to possess learning disabilities, while half of the students being younger than the typical recommended age. Of the 4 teachers in the school, 3 are usually current members of the program or are recent alumni. A non-profit organization called Teach for America, has collaborated with Rocketship Education to offer five weeks of training to the fresh college graduates, before they are handled the teaching jobs. After acquiring the teaching job posts, the teachers continue to undergo professional improvement throughout the academic year. They are well paid and can acquire sweet bonuses, when their students meet or surpass the set performance goals. Rocketship Education is a leading charter school, which is proving that no child should be denied education, irrespective of any distinctive condition.