Malcolm CasSelle, Venturing into Cryptocurrency

South Korea ranks third after the US and Japan as the biggest cryptocurrency exchange market despite the numerous regulations governing the digital currency in the nation. The gaming industry is following the trend and gradually embracing cryptocurrency. Malcolm CasSelle is leading the way in the gaming industry by introducing digital currency and cryptocurrency. CasSelle is a bold entrepreneur, investor, and business executive. He has vast expertise and experience in sales strategies, venture capital, and media that have earned him different high-end positions in an array of firms. People cite CasSelle for his excellent leadership skills, great communication skills, and exceptional teamwork abilities.

Malcolm CasSelle studied at MIT and Stanford University where he attained a degree in Computer Science. He has worked with reputable firms such as Tribune Publishing, SeaChange International, and Timeline Lab. Notably, CasSelle co-founded a telecom firm in Hong King called Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW). The company trades publicly and has a value of more than $35 billion. Using his unbeatable entrepreneurial skills, CasSelle has mentored startups in the digital sector such as MediaPass and Xfire. CasSelle has also invested in great corporations like Facebook and Zynga.

CasSelle serves as the CIO at OPSkins – a marketplace that specializes in gaming- and the president of World Asset Exchange (WAX) -a venue for players to collect, buy, and sell in-game assets. There are vast restrictions in the sale and purchase of virtual items. WAX comes in handy to transform these restrictions into freedom and offer a secure and convenient venue for people to buy, sell and trade virtual items.

WAX allows people to buy and sell items such as games codes and even electronics around the globe. It gives the members access to traders, buyers, sellers, and gamers from across the world. With WAX, you can purchase video game skins or sell your sneakers to interested individuals in any part of the world. The WAX platform uses cryptocurrency as a means of exchange for virtual goods. Malcolm CasSelle believes that as more marketplaces engage in blockchain and cryptocurrency, there will be positive outcomes for transparency and greater transaction speed.

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Robert Deignan Suggest Seeking Outsourcing Companies to Help Run Businesses

Running a business is not an easy task. Many companies fail because their owners could not handle the pressure of running its operations. Businesses require commitment, time, and hard work to succeed in the industry. It also involves a variety of services to help run day-to-day activities. These services at times can be very costly and overwhelming to the business owner. To help business owners, a few entrepreneurs came up with ideas that allow companies to outsource services from different organizations. Among such is the ATS Digital Services, which was created by Robert Deignan.

Outsourcing has helped many organizations stay afloat despite the challenges that come with running a business. Robert Deignan, as an expert in the field, has helped both new and old business get additional services they need to meet their daily functions. A business owner can outsource a variety of services depending on his or her company. Among the most outsourced processes are customer services and Technical support. Customer service offering companies will handle online chats, taking phone calls, and email details for your clients. Outsourcing companies will reduce the time spent answering inquiries from customers. These companies will tackle software assistance and any hardware installation need by your customers. By handling the needs of your customers, these companies give one the time to focus on other matters.

Another common outsourced process is sales. Many companies choose to outsource their purchases rather than hire their own sales team. Outsources sales services are somewhat cheaper as companies will not spend resources training and paying new employees. Outsourcing also helps business owners handle other pending matter.

Robert Deignan also encourages companies to seek help on their back-office operations. As a business, you can hire a company t handle your data entry processes, scanning and so much more. One can outsource almost any task in their business.

After spending long hours in the office, a few employees are willing to stay back and handle after-hours clients. Undertaking both day and night shifts can be overwhelming causing one to become less productive. Hiring trained people to manage your clients will help you serve your clients and get time the rest you need for the next day.

Vijay Eswaran Meets Challenge Head On

Vijay Eswaran is the Executive Chairman of the QI Group and one of the wealthiest people in India. QI Group has many different specialties in the world of e-commerce that include corporate investments, collectibles, wellness, telecommunications, and education. Vijay Eswaran’s QI Group is headquartered out of Hong Kong but is linked to offices around the world including in the United States.

The experiences of Dr. Vijay Eswaran through his education, travel, and life have created a leader that is not only highly motivated in business but also philanthropy. He focuses on living in the now instead of dwelling in the past and non-immediate future. Some of his biggest influencers include Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

Vijay Eswaran starts each day with a moment of silence to clear his head and allow him to focus his energy on the things he wants to accomplish. He believes that the mouth is given too much power and many times silence can speak more. Humans need to learn how to listen and look around instead of speaking themselves, which is something Vijay Eswaran has found people in the United States have a difficult time doing.

While earning his education may not have been easy, Vijay Eswaran knew that it was something he needed to do to achieve the success he was looking for. From a young age, he knew that he was going to earn a college degree and was determined to accomplish this goal. Vijay Eswaran believes times have changed today though and a higher education may not be necessary for everyone, but he still advises younger people to further their education. While Vijay Eswaran was attending the University of Singapore, he realized that he was going to be facing some obstacles. He also strongly believes in a Master Plan and kept pushing towards his success.

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