Growth of Gulf Coast Western Oil Company

Gulf Coast Western company aims at finding, creating and purchasing domestic oil and gas resources situated in the gulf coast area in the United States. The company concentrates in assets with geological and geophysical benefits and with organized structures. Matthew Fleeger leads the company as its chief executive officer.

Gulf Coast Western acknowledges that is a success is as a result of an open and transparent relationship with its partners, which is created under mutual trust and respect. Matthew has experience in the oil and gas industry, management of waste and tanning market. He is also skilled in strategic planning, team building, entrepreneurial skills, and contract handling.Fleeger has a business administration degree from Southern Methodist University. He has gained a lot of experience in finance and marketing from the various oil and gas companies he has worked for.

The Growth of Gulf Coast Western Company

Gulf Coast entered into a business agreement with Warhorse Oil and Gas. The agreement allowed Gulf Coast to manage most of the development of oil and gas reserves and the operators controlling the existing reserves in Louisiana. The Gulf Coast has also planned on growing its production capabilities by adding more PUD-designated offset reserves and creating two work-over reserves.

The agreement was an opportunity for Gulf Coast Western to gain access to 3D seismic data which was needed for the Bonanza Project in Evangeline. The project would allow Gulf Coast Western a chance of maximizing its productivity and increase the number of its assets in the region.

Gulf Coast Western also entered into a partnership with North-cote Energy limited in Dallas. The partnership made Gulf Coast own fifty percent of business benefits and assets, and it also helped in extending its management in the Shoats Creek Field in Louisiana. The partnership has led to the drilling of a multi-well in the Wilcox, Frio, and Cock-field regions.

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