Steve Lesnard: How To Produce A Top Tier Product Introduction

The art of product making is one that although it seems simple enough can be disadvantaged as well. As social mediums keep evolving so is the way we market new products to consumers. Although more opportunity is presented to companies, this also means that there is more of a risk of botching your product introduction to the marketplace. A key feature of a successful product introduction is one that allows the users to see the value of it clearly. We recently sat down with global brand consultant Steve Lesnard to discuss how he goes about promoting a new product. Steve Lesnard is one of the most experienced consultants in the business, having worked with large companies all over the world. Steve knows a thing or two about product introductions. The following are Steve Lesnard’s top two principles to follow for small and large companies.

”Keep it simple to make it memorable.”

One of Walt Disney’s most famous quotes says “get the storyline right.” This is exactly the course one should undertake when choosing the story behind their product. Make no mistake; this is not as easy as it looks, the best just make it seem that way. However, one perfect example of this in action was seen when Apple introduced its line of Apple iPods to the public. Sure the device was hands down the superior product, but Apple didn’t market it like that. They simply placed a campaign sign saying “10k songs in your pocket”. That’s all the consumer needed, a simple message that was clear and showed the benefits of owning this product.

“Bring it to life to make it real.”

The next principle revolves around the consumer experience with your product. Once you have your story down, you then have to energize your medium to choose which questions must be asked about your product. Will it be the functions, how it looks on a person or how it’ll make them feel? One of the best ways to convey this is through video. YETI will often partner with ambassadors to feature their products throughout their outdoor adventures. This allows consumers to see the product in action and picture themselves using it.

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