Nick Vertucci: The Man Who Dared To Dream

Nick Vertucci has gained global recognition for his success in the real estate industry. The last two decades have seen Vertucci grow tremendously and acquired great financial wealth. Under his name is a recently published book entitled, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed” and “Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.” Through these tools, Vertucci is aiming at empowering his audience.

Before earning the title mentor, Vertucci spent valuable time sharpening his skills in the real estate industry. Coming from a medium class family, Nick had his fair share of bad days while growing up. However, he didn’t let them drag him behind. Vertucci set up a store that sold computer accessories in the 1990s. His business did well at least for the first few years during the dot com trend. Unfortunately, it fell, and he was back to where he had started, with nothing.

As fate would have it, Vertucci’s lowest point would be the starting point of something good. His friend invited him over for a real estate seminar, which he reluctantly attended. Vertucci slowly grew interested in the industry and begun learning about all its corners. He would later become an influential icon in the industry when he established Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Looking back at where he started, Vertucci was convinced that he needed to help people who had been struggling to find a footing in the real estate industry like himself.

Vertucci had the vision to pull up more like him who were interested in building a real estate career. He knew he would face challenges since this wasn’t his first venture. He pushed for his dream and eventually, in 2014, his learning institution picked up. Vertucci’s establishment would be one among many that dared to focus on real estate concepts.

The real estate mogul was able to find success despite the rough patches along the way. Nick picked up a lot of skills, learned lessons from his mistakes and celebrated his success days. The courses at Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy educate people on handling contracts, negotiating deals, purchasing and holding the property for long-term cash flow. Others address asset protection, financial injections and how to leverage your IRA and 401K for financial investments. These courses specialize in solving problems in the real estate industry. Occasionally, Vertucci likes to share his story during seminars that are geared at inspiring students through their own take independent paths to success. He began this journey with uncertainty and understands how it feels to doubt the process.

The establishment has helped numerous students prosper and build their careers in the real estate industry. Due to the drastic progress of the establishment, it earned recognition from Inc. 5,000 as one of the fastest growing private companies. The development and growth reflected in their books after registering a staggering 259% revenue growth between 2014 and 2017.

Nick Vertucci is proud to have overcome his failures and found a light at the end of the tunnel. He hopes to continue inspiring others through his journey to success.

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