Heather Parry Carries a Positive Force to Live Nations Productions

Being the president of Live Nations Productions, Heather Parry has been working with enthusiasm to help artists get more out of the production industry. In 2015, after her job announcement, she was ready to take off together with Colin Hanks (director and actor) whom they had a history in the production industry. They were the minds behind the appearance of Death Metal Documentary produced in Happy Madison Productions. Where the film garnered two awards which was a leap ahead for Heather Parry. She worked on numerous films in Madison’s that took over the screens including the Netflix Gaga: Five Foot Two.

Heather Parry

In a recent interview she talked about willing to collaborate with different artists and actors. These will at least help them hit the screen as they had done before. Working in Live Nations Productions, she was involved in the production of a recent Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper film, A Star Is Born– a film that has hit the screens since its release. Artist such as Gaga, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson have worked on the A star is Born major theme song. Apparently as she said, the company is venturing in media marketing strategies such as concerts and festivals for marketing music and movie icons among others. Through her strong will in the company, she has led to the production of major films since her hiring.

Heather Parry is currently working on Noah Cyrus and Kim Petra’s films who are both pop artists. In addition, she is working on the company’s first TV Series Known as From Cradle to Stage a book related film. She has brought success in the film industry as she started working in MTV at 21 years where she has participated actively in several prestigious projects. Since leaving MTV in 2015, she has worked in several production companies. It is in Live Nations Production where Heather has tremendously taken advantage of their rich assets to market films.

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