Heather Parry Carries a Positive Force to Live Nations Productions

Being the president of Live Nations Productions, Heather Parry has been working with enthusiasm to help artists get more out of the production industry. In 2015, after her job announcement, she was ready to take off together with Colin Hanks (director and actor) whom they had a history in the production industry. They were the minds behind the appearance of Death Metal Documentary produced in Happy Madison Productions. Where the film garnered two awards which was a leap ahead for Heather Parry. She worked on numerous films in Madison’s that took over the screens including the Netflix Gaga: Five Foot Two.

Heather Parry

In a recent interview she talked about willing to collaborate with different artists and actors. These will at least help them hit the screen as they had done before. Working in Live Nations Productions, she was involved in the production of a recent Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper film, A Star Is Born– a film that has hit the screens since its release. Artist such as Gaga, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson have worked on the A star is Born major theme song. Apparently as she said, the company is venturing in media marketing strategies such as concerts and festivals for marketing music and movie icons among others. Through her strong will in the company, she has led to the production of major films since her hiring.

Heather Parry is currently working on Noah Cyrus and Kim Petra’s films who are both pop artists. In addition, she is working on the company’s first TV Series Known as From Cradle to Stage a book related film. She has brought success in the film industry as she started working in MTV at 21 years where she has participated actively in several prestigious projects. Since leaving MTV in 2015, she has worked in several production companies. It is in Live Nations Production where Heather has tremendously taken advantage of their rich assets to market films.

Nick Vertucci: The Man Who Dared To Dream

Nick Vertucci has gained global recognition for his success in the real estate industry. The last two decades have seen Vertucci grow tremendously and acquired great financial wealth. Under his name is a recently published book entitled, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed” and “Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.” Through these tools, Vertucci is aiming at empowering his audience.

Before earning the title mentor, Vertucci spent valuable time sharpening his skills in the real estate industry. Coming from a medium class family, Nick had his fair share of bad days while growing up. However, he didn’t let them drag him behind. Vertucci set up a store that sold computer accessories in the 1990s. His business did well at least for the first few years during the dot com trend. Unfortunately, it fell, and he was back to where he had started, with nothing.

As fate would have it, Vertucci’s lowest point would be the starting point of something good. His friend invited him over for a real estate seminar, which he reluctantly attended. Vertucci slowly grew interested in the industry and begun learning about all its corners. He would later become an influential icon in the industry when he established Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Looking back at where he started, Vertucci was convinced that he needed to help people who had been struggling to find a footing in the real estate industry like himself.

Vertucci had the vision to pull up more like him who were interested in building a real estate career. He knew he would face challenges since this wasn’t his first venture. He pushed for his dream and eventually, in 2014, his learning institution picked up. Vertucci’s establishment would be one among many that dared to focus on real estate concepts.

The real estate mogul was able to find success despite the rough patches along the way. Nick picked up a lot of skills, learned lessons from his mistakes and celebrated his success days. The courses at Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy educate people on handling contracts, negotiating deals, purchasing and holding the property for long-term cash flow. Others address asset protection, financial injections and how to leverage your IRA and 401K for financial investments. These courses specialize in solving problems in the real estate industry. Occasionally, Vertucci likes to share his story during seminars that are geared at inspiring students through their own take independent paths to success. He began this journey with uncertainty and understands how it feels to doubt the process.

The establishment has helped numerous students prosper and build their careers in the real estate industry. Due to the drastic progress of the establishment, it earned recognition from Inc. 5,000 as one of the fastest growing private companies. The development and growth reflected in their books after registering a staggering 259% revenue growth between 2014 and 2017.

Nick Vertucci is proud to have overcome his failures and found a light at the end of the tunnel. He hopes to continue inspiring others through his journey to success.


Jojo Hedaya is the C.E.O at Unroll.Me, a company that he co-founded back in 2011. At the time, he was still studying at Brooklyn College, and the company pushed its way to the top in a short period. Jojo Hedaya is in charge of the operations sector and product development at the company working as the Chief Product and Consumer Officer also. Unroll.Me has a huge following with millions of users. It has been the talk on many newspapers and even media channels. At some point, it was listed in App Store as one of the top 100 apps. The app enables users to unsubscribe from annoying emails, organizes the user’s inbox, does away with spams, and also makes the mailbox more presentable. Hedaya is passionate about his work and believes in sharing his knowledge with others. He does this during talks at events and conferences that he attends. He also makes a point of mentoring his employees to help them achieve the best.

Jojo Hedaya and his co-founder, Josh Rosenwald, had trouble sorting their emails. They would sometimes not get essential emails sent to each other as it remained buried under junk files. This frustration drove them to come up with an app that would help them arrange their mail and thus Unroll.Me was born. The app contains an additional feature, The Rollup that puts together all the subscriptions in one mail allowing space for more important mail. The Rollup can be set to appear at any desired time according to how the user prefers to read their mail. Jojo and Josh met while in college and became instant friends since they had a lot in common. They even shared the same birthday. From their friendship, a thriving business was born.

Jojo Hedaya encourages young entrepreneurs not to be afraid to take a risk. Before quitting college to work on Unroll.Me, he was the Vice President and only had three credits left to attain his degree. He, however, took a chance and went to start Unroll.Me and it turned out to be a success. He also says that the key to a successful business is to create something that is not complicated but simple.


Meet Robert Deignan: Everything You Need To Know

Robert Deignan is one of the most successful leaders out there. Besides being the Co-founder, he is also the Chief Executive Officer at the famous ATS Digital Services. ATS Digital Services is actually a company that works around the clock to ensure that customers from different corners of the world have been helped when it comes to matters of technological concerns.

ATS Digital Services has a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with problems such as connectivity issues and general troubleshooting. It serves customers from different corners of the world. The company has been doing extremely well and this is the main reasons why it is one of the most famous companies nowadays.

Robert Deignan was actually born in a place called Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After a couple of years, he attended the famous Purdue University under a football scholarship. During his undergraduate studies at this great institution, he specialized in Organization Leadership. After spending a few years at a Miami Dolphins as well as NY Jets, Robert Deignan decided to start a business. This is how Fanlink Company, his first entrepreneurial venture came about.

Robert Deignan’s advice about automation

Robert Deignan has a proper understanding of technology and has been able to build his career in this area. He says that many people are worried that technology might wipe out several jobs in the new feature. However, people should not be worried but should learn how to operate and work alongside technology. By doing this, those who are worried can actually make themselves indispensable despite the fact that technology is advancing at a fast pace.

According to scientists, it might take about 120 years for machines to take about 50 percent of the jobs. But according to Robert Deignan machines are only appropriate for a few sets of activities. They are good at jobs that involve repetitive tasks as well as manual activities like data entry. These are some of the areas that are possible to automate. Robert says that it is hard to automate activities such as driving simply because a huge amount of data needs to be processed.