The Beautiful Island Of Upolu Is Your Samoan Vacation Destination And Fagali’I Airport Is Where It Begins

For those who are planning a vacation in the beautiful islands of the South Pacific choosing where to visit can be a tough chore. The truth is that there are so many viable options that it can be hard to narrow down what to put on your itinerary. The Samoan Islands are among the most popular choices to be sure, but even in that, there is a wide disparity between them. The larger island of Savai’i offers more of the traditional tourist experience, yes, but the smaller of the two Upolu is a hidden treasure that many don’t know about.

The Island of Upolu is home to many diverse and culturally rich activities. In addition to being the location of some of the most beautiful waterfalls and peaceful white sand beaches in the world, the island also features many attractions. Among these are the Robert Louis Stevenson museum, which is located outside of the island’s capital of Apia according to The museum is operated out of the writer’s former home, a beautiful revival mansion. Also in Apia, you will find the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. Universally recognized as the most beautiful church in Samoa, it is a must see. You should also make time on your agenda for the full day Samoan food your of the island. This activity will introduce you to traditional as well as modern Samoan cuisine. You should also be certain to pay a visit to the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve and set aside some time for what is considered to be among the best snorkeling and scuba diving anywhere in the world. The best part is that Upolu offers you all of this at a fraction of the price on average as other islands in the region due to the fact that this is not as popular of a destination according to Think about it, an incredible vacation in the south pacific for domestic vacation prices, there is no better deal.


If you are going to put Upolu on your South Pacific vacation agenda, you will, of course, be traveling in and out of one of the most surprising airports in the world. The Fagali’I Airport, located on the western end of the island, is a region sized airport that offers an international hub level of features and services. Originally a small grass airstrip, the Fagali’I airport has grown over the last 20 years as more and more tourism has come to the island. Now a fully reconfigured full-scale airport, the terminal offers luxury and style that is a welcome sight for travelers arriving on the island paradise. Visitors will find the layout of Fagali’I very intuitive, the staff friendly, and transportation options from the airport to the populated areas nearby convenient and economical. Flight service is maintained by five airlines which offer inter-island service around Samoa and international connection service to both American Samoa and Pago Pago.

Why wait, why not book a visit to Upolu as part of your Samoan vacation, or even better make it the entirety of your vacation. Fagali’I airport makes it easy and convenient to visit the island, and you will find enough great activities to keep you very busy during your entire holiday.

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