Making Change: End Citizens United

Actively involved in political elections, End Citizens United, focuses on electing campaign officials to overturn Citizens United. This committee was created to fight the U.S. Supreme Court decision to allow billionaires with special interested to donate disclosed amounts of money to campaigns without explanations or transparency. The group is investing heavily in television amd digital video advertising to inform the public of the actions of Republication Rick Saccone. The goal of the advertisement is to express to the public of Saccone’s misdeeds while being state representative.

To understand what the End Citizens United committee does, one must first understand that an immense amount of dark money is used to support campaigns and elections. Billionaire dump millions of dark money into political campaigns, aiming to buy their influence in political elections. The committee is forcefully trying to abolish this. Representative Jacky Rosen, announced that she was against this such of funding for political campaigns. However, a wealthy donor donated millions of dark money to her campaign, going against her rhetoric for the use of dark money being involved in politics. This is the type of activity the political committee is working to end.

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To fight these types of involvement in campaigns, the political committee made a major move earlier this year. Spending a quarter of a million dollars on advertising, the committee is showing their support for Conor Lamb. His opponent is being accused of spending his campaign funds fraudulently. Mr. Lamb has pledged to not accept money from any political action committees, making him a preferred candidate for the End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is on the forefront of exposing and being involved in political finance matters. They work tirelessly fighting against the enormous amounts of donors involved in elections with unexplainable amounts of money. With their continuous efforts, it is assured that politics will become a place with valid and legit forms of funding.

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