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According to the article, US money reserve and Austin Disaster Relief Network entered to a partnership in order to help the victims of hurricane Harvey. This hurricane happened at the coastline of Texas affecting so many people because it was slow moving. Some parts of Texas were said to have submerged in the event of the heavy rains, therefore, people were forced to move from their homes in search of better shelters. They collected over two hundred and nineteen thousand dollars for the donations. The Chief Executive Officer of US Reserve was delighted to help in the reconstruction of the affected regions while, the Executive Director of Austin Disaster Relief Network, was delighted to receive the huge donations.

The base of US Money Reserve is in Austin, Texas. It specializes in distribution of precious metals that fetch high market prices such as US government-issued gold, platinum and silver. They have a high customer-seller relationship because they provide superior products in the market. Moreover, they have employed people with expertise in sales and marketing of metals and also researchers of coin.

On the other hand, Austin Disaster Relief Network, is a non-profit organization that comprises of churches, well wishers and trained volunteers who are willing to help manage disasters. They do so by helping victims to rebuild their homes, providing money to the victims and providing guidance and counseling services to help them recover from their losses of property or loved ones.

US Money Reserve is the only distributor of government issued gold coins. They are specialized in the best collections of highest graded gold and bullion coins because, they have been in business for over a decade, therefore, they know their customer needs. In addition, the public have awarded them a triple A rating which means that, they have earned full trust from their customers due to resources and experience they own. Moreover, they have professional employees who help buyers understand all important information on the coins.

In conclusion, they have a guarantee which allows their customers to return unsatisfying coins, within thirty days of purchase with a full refund of the product. Additionally, the they have a fast and secure means of shipping a customer’s order. They ensure that the product is tracked until one receives them and on receiving one has to sign to acknowledge receivable. Moreover, one is assured of quality due to their transparency.

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