Diplomatic missions of Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is an Israel diplomat. He is the former ambassador to the United Kingdom. His role as an ambassador was carried out in a very good way. He impressed his country by the achievements he accomplished. Daniel Taub carried out his mandate with passion and dedication. He did not let his country down as he made sure that he played his role in the best way he could. Daniel Taub was appointed to serve in the office of the ambassador to the United Kingdom in 2011, he served his country up to 2015. He then retired and moved back to Jerusalem. He is currently the strategy and planning director of a charity foundation in Jerusalem.



Daniel Taub has helped his country through his experience in law. As an international lawyer, his services to his country have been very good. He has managed to make achievements that made the relations between the two countries better making sure that the areas that were of common interest took care of.



Daniel Taub is a diplomat who showed great ability to perform his responsibilities. He achieved a lot for his country and even managed to double trade between the United Kingdom and his country. He left office when the trade transaction in a year stood at $7 billion. These are achievements that made his country proud. A lot of Israeli goods managed to be sold in the United Kingdom generating millions of dollars for them.



Daniel Taub was also proud of his achievements. In a farewell party that was held on his behave by the embassy and the Jewish community living in the United Kingdom, they declared that Daniel Taub was the best diplomat to have represented Israel. Daniel Taub is a leader who has great commitment to his service to his country. His interest was to help his country have a better stature in the international arena. This is an accomplishment that he can proudly say that he made. He represented his country in British media which have a worldwide coverage. This is an accomplishment that he is proud of.



Daniel Taub has also been a key player in the peace negotiation that Israel has had with her neighbors. He has been appointed as a lead envoy on behave of Israel. Daniel Taub together with his counterpart from Palestine managed to make recommendations to the committee of experts drafting the peace agreement. The recommendations were adopted and a peace agreement was arrived at.


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